United Dead Artists

United Dead Artists

La Caverne Sentimentale

La Caverne Sentimentale

Livre solo

Un livre offset regroupant dessins, peintures et romans-photos de AVDL. Avec des textes de Jean ROUZAUD, COSTES et June SHENFIELD et une biographie (voir ci-dessous).

112 pages : couverture couleurs,
96 pages noir & blanc et 16 pages couleurs.

Format: 15,5 x 22 cm, dos carré, collé ,cousu.
Maquette de Jean-Christophe Menu.

18,30 Euros

Le site officiel d'Anne Van Der Linden
Ancien site d'Anne Van Der Linden
Expo pour le printemps Bizarre 1999
La Caverne Sentimentale
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[ Chronique dans Raw Vision, janvier 2001 ]

Famous in Paris among the new underground of expressionist painters and illustrators, Anne van der Linden, a female counterpart of the late french cartoonist Roland Topor, is a tough artist who excels in a very provocative genre of fantastic porno and erotic sarcasm, well beyond ordinary black humor.
In her kafkain world of desperate human beings and monsters mixing sex and torture, one feels a hectic attempt to go beyond the natural boundaries of sexual identity (male and/or female) and a complete rebellion against all the standards of morals, beauty and modern life itself. Orgiastic instance of a new generation, condemned to cultural autism and imprisoned in all forms of self destruction, this cruel, sadistic kind of art seems to be the only way the creator has to escape from an unbearable emotional situation: the Hell of constant sex and endless desire. Not to be seen by kids!

| Laurent Danchin